Take Action

Attend an Orientation Training

Our orientation training is the essential building block of IfNotNow. Through attending one of our trainings, you will get the tools and materials necessary to start participating as a full member of IfNotNow. You can sign up for the next orientation training happening in your region using the links below. If you live in a region where we’re not currently running orientation trainings, you can sign up here and we’ll be in touch.


January 13-14: Pittsburgh, PA
January 13-14: Austin, TX

Connect with Others Locally

IfNotNow members get together once a month to meet, plan events, and coordinate actions. Find out what’s happening near you by locating your city’s facebook page in the map below.

Support IfNotNow

Our movement depends on the generosity and support of our community.

Donate to Our Work

Bring IfNotNow to your City

If you don’t see any information about IfNotNow in your city and would like to help get things started, please email us at info(at)ifnot.net.