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Join us for a Shabbat potluck dinner at Queen City Co-op, 901 Clarkson St in Denver. Learn about the #JewishResistance in Colorado and about IfNotNow’s upcoming actions at AIPAC (see below for more info). Please invite friends, family, and anyone else who enjoys good conversation, food, and fighting for justice!

6-7PM: Arrive, eat shabbat dinner, hang out
7-9PM: Meeting

if you are able to, please bring a dish for the potluck, but nobody will be turned away!

Donald Trump’s first year as president of the United States is also the 50th year of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. The Israeli government stands poised to make the occupation a permanent reality, and Trump has given every indication that his administration will support them.

The American Jewish Establishment has for the most part remained silent in the face of Trump’s proposed policies that would not only imperil democracy but encourage violence. It has failed to register concern as anti-Semites, bigots, and misogynists became emboldened by Trump’s rise. And as we have long known, its defense of a status quo of endless occupation is a true moral disaster.

The millions of us who took to the streets the day after the inauguration weren’t just marching against Trump — we were declaring our refusal to be complicit with the violence that his administration represents. Make no mistake — the American Jewish establishment’s silence is complicity. And we won’t play any part.

Join IfNotNow for our Denver Community Action Meeting to learn more about our organization and our upcoming action at AIPAC’s policy conference in March. We will talk about IfNotNow’s strategy for the next three months, our plans for the action and how we’re mobilizing our community for our largest action of the #JewishResistance.

The occupation is a daily nightmare for those who live it, and a moral crisis for Jewish people the world over. It is time we stood up for civil, political, and economic rights for all.

Event Details

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