Jewish Resistance at AIPAC

When the Trump Administration goes to AIPAC, the Jewish Resistance will be there to meet them.


Why protest AIPAC, why now, why us?

AIPAC promotes endless occupation and Islamophobia in the name of the Jewish community, but they do not represent our generation of Jews. Their cozy relationship with the Trump administration is their final betrayal of our community. As the occupation enters its 50th year, we are reclaiming our Jewish values by taking action to support freedom and dignity for all. And we will do this in bold and beautiful ways, rooted in Jewish Resistance. We will be the leaders that the establishment refuses to be.

On March 24-26, we will come together for the largest action yet in the #JewishResistance, to disrupt the strongest supporters of Trump and the Occupation, on their biggest stage.

Schedule at a glance:

Friday March 24: 7pm, Shabbat Dinner/Gathering

Saturday March 25: Day of Shabbat rest and preparation, trainings, and restorative events throughout the day

Sunday March 26: 9:30am-4pm, Mass mobilization

Monday March 27: Anti-Islamophobia Day of Action

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