Passover 2016 #LiberationSeder Resources

This week nearly 500 people joined us at the 5 #LiberationSeder actions across the country. Now it’s time to bring our message to your seder table.

We’ve uploaded some resources we used this week and invite you to use them tomorrow evening.

Our power this week came from the incredibly courageous individuals that put their time, energy and bodies on the line to pull of the largest IfNotNow national action ever. And a special ‘thank you’ goes out to the 23 people who were arrested in Boston and New York City.

But our power this week also came from the rituals we adapted and created from the Passover Seder. Each city made their own Haggadah which they went through in the streets.

This is the story of of each #LiberationSeder and this is the story of our movement. We will continue to reclaim Jewish ritual to meet the needs of the historical moment – just as our ancestors have done for generations.

DC #LiberationSeder Hagadah

Boston #LiberationSeder Hagadah

NYC #LiberationSeder Zine


  1. Print the PDF front and back on one sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper. Select “Fit to page” if that is an option.
  2. Fold your printed page in half lengthwise and widthwise (there should be folds that frame each individual page).
  3. Holding the page in a standard portrait orientation (vertically), detach the top half of your page from your bottom half. You can do this with scissors, a paper cutter, or by tearing (a little spit on the seam helps with that!).
  4. You will now have two sheets that should fit one inside the other. Make sure the cover (“IfNotNow”) and back page (“Concluding the seder”) are on the outside, and that the inside spread has the “Olive on the seder plate” page on the left and “Breaking the Middle Matzah” on the right.
  5. To bind the pages, use a stapler with a long neck and staple in the seam about three quarters of an inch from the top and the bottom (try to staple face down, so the teeth of the staples will be on the inside. If you don’t have a long enough stapler, you can use scotch tape, or you can simply let the fold hold the pages together!
  6. Repeat until you have one for everyone!