On Eve of Trump Visit, Diaspora Jews and Israelis Join Together to Confront March of the Flags

Diaspora Jews and Israelis will confront the violence of 50 years of Occupation with civil disobedience On Eve of Trump Visit, Diaspora Jews and Israelis Join Together to Confront March of the Flags

Contact: Leanne Gale
Phone: 054-387-0905

One day after President Trump completes his visit to the region, Jews from around the world will come together to stand in solidarity with Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, and physically confront the March of the Flags, a nationalist celebration of 50 years to the Occupation of East Jerusalem and the dispossession of its Palestinian residents.

The annual March of the Flags often involves assault of Palestinian passersby, vandalism of Palestinian shops, and racist chanting such as “Death to the Arabs,” while the Jerusalem Municipality authorizes the march and turns a blind eye to its violence. Each year, Israeli police “sterilizes” the streets, involving injuries and arbitrary arrests of Palestinian residents. We plan to stop this potential lynch mob by means of nonviolent civil disobedience.

The right-wing nationalism and racism that drives those who will march through East Jerusalem on Wednesday mirrors the political climate that led to the election of President Donald Trump. Our Jewish communities should know only too well where violent nationalism leads.

This unique collaboration between Israeli and diaspora Jews marks a significant step in the growing Jewish anti-Occupation movement.

WHO: Members of IfNotNow, Free Jerusalem, All That’s Left: Anti-Occupation Collective, and Standing Together.

WHAT: Members and supporters will arrive in the Muslim Quarter for a morning of economic solidarity by shopping at Palestinian stores before the stores are forced to close. Following this, we will document the Israeli government shutting down Palestinian stores, and then use civil disobedience to confront the March of the Flags before it passes through Damascus Gate.

WHERE: Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 24th . The demonstration of economic solidarity will begin at 1pm and the civil disobedience will begin between 3pm and 4:00pm.

The story of Jerusalem is incomplete without naming the story of hundreds of thousands of its Palestinian residents — and the 50-year Occupation under which they live. The March of Flags will celebrate 50 years since the so-called “unification” of Jerusalem, a city racially divided by the Separation Barrier, an eight-meter high concrete wall. The illusion of “unification” on Jerusalem Day makes the Palestinians living in the city invisible and comes at the expense of their freedom of movement and livelihood.


IfNotNow is a Jewish movement to end the American Jewish community’s support for the Occupation and gain freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians. It is also helping to lead the #JewishResistance against the Trump administration, organizing to get the Jewish establishment to leverage its resources as part of the broader resistance. IfNotNow has chapters in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Austin, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. For more information: www.ifnotnowmovement.org

Free Jerusalem is an activist group based in Jerusalem, working in solidarity with Palestinian movements and local leaders in east Jerusalem to fight the occupation in general and its expressions in Jerusalem. The group organizes demonstrations, direct actions, solidarity tours and educational panels.

All That’s Left is a collective unequivocally opposed to the occupation and committed to building the diaspora angle of resistance.

Standing Together is a new grassroots initiative to build a broad Jewish-Arab movement grounded in principles of peace, equality and social justice. Their holistic worldview addresses the interrelation between the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories; growing social and economic disparities within Israeli society, and the government’s attacks on democratic freedoms and the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel.

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